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Meta resolves over 17,000 reports

Meta, a renowned social media giant that owns Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, has issued the India Monthly Report, which details how it addresses the complaints of Indian users each month. According to the report, the California-based tech giant got 16,995 complaints, the majority of which were claims of inappropriate or abusive content (7,289 complaints).

According to the business, which is required by the new IT Rules 2021 to post monthly compliance, there were 6,787 complaints about bullying or harassment, 699 about phoney profiles, and 550 reports about account hacking.

“We reacted to every single one of these 16,995 reports. In 2,325 of the inbound reports, we provided tools to help consumers fix their problems,” said Meta.

These solutions included ways to address account hacking difficulties, self-remediation pathways where customers may retrieve their data, and pre-established methods to report content for specific infractions.

Further, the company has also mentioned that out of 14,670 reports where special input from the company was needed, the company reviewed and took action on 2,299 reports. The company stated that it had reviewed the remaining 12,371 reports but may not have taken any action.

Through the Indian grievance procedure, Meta received 8,470 reports between April 1 and April 30. As a result of security concerns regarding the safety of user data, Meta overall removed more than 30 million pieces of content from Facebook and Instagram in India in the month of May.

“To discover and review content against our policies, we employ a combination of Artificial Intelligence, community reports, and team review,” according to Meta. Jagran

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