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Meta may finally be on the right track

Facebook has struggled with their new metaverse identity. Last year, they announced the change of their name to Meta. This was the first introduction to the general public about the new world they are entering. Enthusiastic Facebook executives apparently thought the world would intervene quickly. It did not. The marketplace has struggled to envelop its mind around this new concept. Now Meta has changed its marketing strategy. Will this new strategy work?

Let’s first understand the mistake Facebook made when they changed their name to Meta. There are many different versions and definitions of the metaverse. Meta, the company Facebook changed their name to, is just one of them. The general marketplace is confused and has no idea what any of this means at all.

So misunderstandings about the meta-verse caused the marketplace to push the idea back. Since then, Meta marketing, advertising, public relations and social media have fought a battle uphill against news and opinion pieces about what the future will look like.

The meta-verse is a strange and new concept. As humans, of course, we are pushing back toward this kind of massive change that is transforming our world and our thinking.

Based on the feedback, Meta obviously did not do a good job of setting the stage for the meta-verse.

Since Facebook did not do it, others have done it and the result has not been pretty.

Meta should have created positive images around the meta-verse
After all, living in a world where nothing is real feels uncomfortable. The metaverse has been portrayed by many as a dystopian and chaotic place where we can live inside an unreal universe.

It may be a good Hollywood movie, but in real life, not so much. There have been films like The Matrix, The Truman Show and countless others that have done a pretty good job of partially describing the metaverse from one perspective or another.

These movies showed the chaotic life of living inside a software program. This Hollywood portrayal was dark and unappealing to the public, and even worse, it was dehumanizing.

Facebook Meta should have prepared the marketplace for metaverse
The marketing mistake that Facebook made with Meta thought this would be easy and did not change our perspective on this new world.

They obviously expected the world to get excited as they were, and to welcome and watch this new earthquake idea is a positive development.

They thought the meta-verse would explain itself. It did not. And in their absence, others explained it. And it was not beneficial for Meta.

Confused marketplace looks at metaverse as a blank slate
The problem is that when you start with a new idea, the marketplace looks at it like a blank slate. They should have a framework of understanding. And there is no metavers of understanding.

Who creates the framework is the key? The answer is either you or someone else. And if someone else does, it’s never positive.

So you need to spend time and money and train the marketplace. Otherwise you sink.

Then you need to spend time and money digging yourself out of a hole just to get back to the starting line again.

This was the Facebook Meta story. Because they did a poor job of educating the marketplace about the meta-verse, they have struggled with market adoption.

Now Facebook is trying to put positive spin on Meta
Finally, Meta now seems to understand what to do. Now, marketing messages around Meta show the positive side of the meta-verse.

This is what they should have done when Meta launched. They should have created the positive framework around the new idea. So they are delayed, but at least they are finally getting started.

Suddenly, the new advertising and marketing is starting to show positive messages. Ice shows surgeons practicing the metaverse before touching the patient. They show going back in time to witness debates by ancient philosophers on important topics.

Positive and negative political side to Meta and metaverse
Suddenly, the metaverse is not just for the people who want to escape from reality in a game world.

Suddenly it begins to show the good that the meta-verse can bring to our lives.

Of course, our understanding of the meta-verse is created by a selection of people. And that means there will always be plenty of arguments and debates around right or left political positioning.

Remember that every technology has both good and bad. Now Meta at least shows the good that the meta-verse will bring.

That said, I think this new flavor of advertising and marketing about Meta is good marketing. Mac Pro Tricks

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