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Marketing strategies for 2019-20

Differentiation is the primary business strategy of Matrix. Therefore, our marketing strategy also revolves around differentiation. We work hard to create differentiation in everything we do – product design, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and support.

Substance is the core value we strive to live by at Matrix. I can say our core brand value is substance. We strive to offer substance in everything we do – technology, applications, functions, features, performance, flexibility, reliability, and support. Matrix positioning is based on offering more of these values in products and services we offer to customers and partners. For us, this means going deeper and beyond the mere outer layer of façade.

Specifically, on marketing strategy, Matrix identifies and builds differentiated products; positions and communicates these differences; offers these solutions at optimized costs through thoroughly trained sales and technical resources; and provides prompt and sincere support.

Our go-to market strategy is to reach out to organizations and businesses in the target market to meet their telephony, access control, time-attendance and video surveillance needs at optimized costs. We promote our products through trade fairs, exhibitions, road-shows, and advertisements. Matrix always operates through a well-defined and trained channel network consisting of consultants, resellers, system integrators, and distributors.

We work very closely with our channel partners in all areas including marketing, sales, supply, and support. They benefit from cutting-edge technology, field proven solutions, marketing-sales-technical trainings, solution design assistance, presentations, supply of products, technical support during installation, technical help during customer complaints, as well as efficient and cost-effective RMA services.

From end-customer perspective, Matrix channel partners and SI manage all first-level support in the field. We operate a 24×7 support center to help our partners resolve field issues promptly. For RMA, we ensure four days of turn-around time for repair-and-return of any hardware product irrespective of being within the warranty period or not. Matrix, being a project-based company, assists its clients from the very beginning of the project to its successful implementation. We also have a special customer care department, which provides prompt assistance to our customers. Finally, we invest a lot of resources in after-sales support to end customers and channel partners ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Matrix business is driven by mainly two prime movers: cutting-edge products and market reach. With this simple understanding, we are focusing on creating world-class products in all the three domains. We are innovating and building cutting-edge, world-class products by investing in R&D. Simultaneously, we are also building a channel network to expand market reach and take Matrix to all targeted markets by investing in marketing, sales, and support.

Video surveillance and people mobility management markets are growing rapidly, and Matrix is a relatively new player with a plenty of headroom to grow. Second, we are also introducing cutting-edge, well-differentiated new products this year. Third, we are expanding our channel network by appointing system integrators in all the important markets in India and overseas. Last, we are working closely with customers to increase visibility and trust on Matrix products and services.

Matrix’s mission is to offer cutting-edge, high-performance security and telecom solutions to modern organizations.

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