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Marketing Strategies For 2018-19

As a sales veteran, I agree that marketing has started playing a major role compared to sales for the B2B world. Not only the market potential but the customer behavior has evolved to a great extent. Nowadays, companies are utilizing multiple modes to gauge the credibility of the product manufacturer they are investing in. Apart from weighing products on the parameters of prices and reliability, IT heads are counting on the brand value as well.

Knowing that branding will contribute significantly in the buying cycle, we have tailored our marketing strategy around the same. Matrix marketing strategy will be a fine amalgamation of online and physical marketing. With the intention of enhancing our brand image in the overseas market, our main activities will be driven by the following principles:

LinkedIn. In this year’s strategy we plan to make extensive use of the platform for communicating our product USPs, applications, and features to the right audience. We will be writing content that will help our connections map technological advancements in communication and security solutions fields. We will be mining more strategies for LinkedIn to enable ourselves pose as an industry influencer

Key account management. We will be focused on executing a range of customer-centric activities that reward us with productive and lengthy relationships. We aim to create mailers and content that will cater to specific concerns of different industries. Going ahead, we will tailor strategies that will be targeted toward definite business sizes like SMEs and large enterprises

Targeted geographies. We will be creating teams that will be working continuously to know in and out of the market and devise region-specific strategies accordingly. With a view of expanding our reach across the globe, we are planning road shows, technology conferences, and product expos. The main aim of the event is to explore business opportunities, understand market potential, and identify niche concerns of that region. We will deeply understand challenges of different industry verticals and focus how our solutions help solve the same. Furthermore, we will be digging more into the market, developing business avenues and foresee growth of our solutions in that geography

Video marketing. Visuals are more appealing as compared with mere text; therefore, videos will be constituting a big part of our marketing strategy for 2018-19. We will be creating video content that will focus on the features and applications of technologically advanced products and solutions. We will also be posting videos on our YouTube channel explaining how our systems can solve concerns of multiple industry verticals. We will also bank on the power of video content to announce the release of our new products or explain technical nitty-gritties of our already existing solutions

Content marketing. After realizing the potential of digital marketing and other media for lead generation, we have decided to count on content marketing this year. Just like we build our products after anticipating the latest technology, we will be implementing the same for our content marketing strategy. The content pieces will talk about the applications of our solutions and products. We will also communicate about the trends of the communication and security industry. Our prime focus will revolve around distribution of the same. We plan to create processes and channelize our content in such a manner that it reaches our target audience.

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