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Mark Zuckerberg accepts Elon Musk’s ‘cage match’ challenge

Two of the richest people in the world have agreed to fight against each other in a cage fight.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday put up a story on his Instagram with the caption “send me location” in response to billionaire Elon Musk recent tweet, where the Twitter CEO said that he was “up for a cage fight” with Zuckerberg.

It all started on Wednesday, June 21 when Musk replied to a tweet about the news that Meta will release a Twitter competitor.

After Zuckerberg’s response on Instagram, Musk named the place where he would probably want to slug it out. “Vegas Octagon,” Musk said.

Later, a user posted a screenshot of Zuckerberg’s story on Twitter, to which Musk replied, “If this is for real, I will do it.”

To another user who posted about the cage fight, Musk responded, “This would be hilarious.”

It’s unclear if the two billionaires are actually serious about fighting each other, but if they do decide to go through with it, it would be a fascinating match.

Zuckerberg is 6’4″ and 175 pounds, while Musk is 6’2″ and 215 pounds. Zuckerberg is a former martial artist, while Musk has no known fighting experience.

Elon has even joked in a tweet that he almost never works out, except for picking up his kids and throwing them in the air and he has this great move that he calls “The Walrus”, where he just lies on top of his opponent and do nothing.

Even if the fight does happen, it’s unlikely to be anything like a proper UFC match but it would be more of a publicity stunt.

Social media is abuzz with the prospect of seeing two of the world’s richest and most powerful men duke it out in a cage and one thing that everyone on social media has been raving about is it would be a fight that no one would want to miss.

Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg Previous Online ‘War’
Earlier in June 2023, Musk had posted, “Zuck my *tongue emoji*”. In March 2023, Musk had mocked Meta for planning to launch a dedicated Twitter-like social media application by calling it a “copycat”.

Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk had a public feud in 2017. The feud began when Musk criticised Facebook’s privacy practices. Musk tweeted that Facebook was “fundamentally dishonest” and that it was “building a surveillance state.”

Zuckerberg responded that Musk was “spreading misinformation” and was “not a credible source.” The feud continued for several months, with Musk and Zuckerberg trading barbs on Twitter.

Musk even went so far as to call Zuckerberg a “product of a twisted experiment” and “a creepy dude.” Zuckerberg responded by saying that Musk was “a dangerous individual” and that he “doesn’t understand technology.” Bloomberg

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