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Manoj Tandon, General Manager – OSS/BSS, RailTel Corporation of India Ltd.

The world was never so chaotic and disruptive; technology is evolving with blazing speed and lifecycle of the technology/products is shortening with every new technology. The regulatory enablement is also changing fast to enable operators and so is the IT/application ecosystem. Networking technologies too are under huge pressure as bandwidth demands are increasing logarithmically; however, per Mbps cost has gone down drastically.

Keeping pace with the ever-disrupting technology space (telecom, IT, and applications) is a daunting exercise in today’s fast evolving world where change is constant. Communications Today is a flag bearer of news and views of the telecom industry and hence a great source of information and researched topics about the industry’s ecosystem especially. The website is extremely useful for industry professionals. Personally, for me it is an encyclopedia of the whole telecom ecosystem and helps in the decision-making process while devising future/operational strategies.

I congratulate the entire team of Communications Today for their outstanding contribution to the telecom industry, which is one of the key pillars of the ambitious Digital India program. Wishing them all the best to continue their excellent work to keep the industry abreast, in the times to come.

Manoj Tandon
General Manager – OSS/BSS,
RailTel Corporation of India Ltd.

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