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Lucknow: All Roads Lead To Wi-Fi Parks Amid Net Blackout

As the mobile and broadband internet blackout continued on Saturday morning, people thronged city parks that offer free Wi-Fi services. Also, since BSNL is exempted from the outage, those with the PSU’s broadband connection at home were by default crowd magnets for friends and relatives.

The Lucknow Municipal Corporation provides free Wi-Fi at Jhandi Wala Park in Lalbagh and Dayanidhan Park in Kaiserbagh, both of which saw unusually heavy footfall. Free internet at Hazratganj Metro station was a big draw too.

“I am a freelancer and the internet forms the backbone of my career. So, I am here to tap into the free Metro station Wi-Fi,” said Prashant Singh in Hazratganj.

Kushagra Saran was at Dayanidhan Park to browse through social media pages. “Logging in to my social media accounts after waking up is like a morning ritual. I am here to get a hang of what is going on in the virtual world,” he said.

Arpit Juneja of Jankipuram Sector-C is among the few lucky ones with Wi-Fi at home. “I received seven phone calls from friends wanting to pay me a visit, as if I am the most popular dude in the circle. Having internet at home felt as good as winning a lottery,” he chuckled.

Hosteller Sakshi Agnihotri called the internet outage unsettling. “I keep tabs on current affairs using my mobile data. It feels like I have suddenly been cast away on an island. Free Wi-Fi at parks is the only consolation,” she said.—Times of India

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