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Liquid Telecom To Roll Out Fibre-Based Internet of Things

Liquid Telecom has announced a plan to roll out its fibre-based Internet of Things (IOT) next year.
Chief executive Adil El Youssefi said the firm has completed rolling out a 5,000 kilometre fibre cable across all the 47 counties.
Liquid Telecom expects to lease out to the government and private companies various services on the platform.

“Our ecosystem can now support national IOT services at extremely low costs such as car tracking, urban air quality analysis, agricultural ventures, among others. We are supporting several pilot IOT products ahead of the planned launch in Quarter one next year,” he said.
Mr El Youssefi said Liquid Telecom’s revenue grew by 20 per cent in the past year, with business Internet services accounting for 56 per cent of the income compared to 47 per cent the previous year.
The telco has signed a 10-year partnership allowing it to operate Kenya Transmission Company’s optic ground wire fibre cable with possible expansion across East Africa.
IOT services are expected to help unlock new business opportunities as software developers launch products that address Kenyan problems.
“A manufacturer can buy IOT stickers costing Sh10 each for pinning on each crate or gas cylinder whose location can be monitored from the factory to retail shops across Kenya. One firm is piloting use of IOT stickers to monitor air quality and you can also use an IOT sticker to monitor septic tank levels,” he said. – Business Daily Africa

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