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Kyndryl, SoftBank Corp. to further digital transformation for 5G, cloud customers

Kyndryl Japan KK and SoftBank Corp. announced a strategic partnership focused on multicloud enablement, systems integration, and 5G networking to drive digital transformation projects for Japan-based customers.

Kyndryl and SoftBank will support the digital evolution of companies and organizations — such as manufacturers and financial institutions contemplating cloud migration and IT system renewals — by utilizing public clouds, managed service provider (MSP) services, security solutions and communication networks provided by SoftBank, and Kyndryl’s system consulting and advanced technology services expertise on system development and operation, as well as its extensive track record and skills for safe, secure and stable IT operations.

In addition to cloud and system integration, the companies will also utilize leading 5G and IoT technologies to work together on providing specialized solutions for industries needing to increase their network and edge computing capabilities, such as solutions for manufacturers seeking to visualize their operations.

As customers face workforce shortages and other challenges due to reasons such as the declining working population, they are embracing digital transformation to improve productivity and operational efficiency. Meanwhile, many customers are unsure where to begin and they seek an integrated environment to support their issues and needs, from proposing solutions to providing cloud, security, communication, and other services, as well as developing and operating IT systems.

Under its “Multicloud Strategy”, SoftBank comprehensively provides various public clouds, security solutions, communication networks, and also total support from consulting to implementation support and operation in the introduction of major public clouds. By providing MSP services, SoftBank supports its customers’ digitization. In addition to providing solutions that collect and visualize data using IoT and video analysis solutions that utilize AI, SoftBank plans to provide a 5G managed service, “Private 5G,” for corporations in the future. SoftBank will meet the DX needs of customers in a wide range of industries.

Kyndryl began operations in September 2021 with the spin-off of IBM’s managed infrastructure services business. Kyndryl has a wealth of knowledge and skills in designing, building, managing, and modernizing complex and mission-critical digital infrastructure, and has high standardization and automation technology in the hybrid cloud area, including on-premises and multicloud. Kyndryl will provides quality systems with further safety, security, and stability, by advancing system operations. As transformation of IT infrastructures that underpin digital transformation becomes vital, Kyndryl will capitalize on its global and domestic track record as well as its most advanced technological prowess to support customers.

Kyndryl and SoftBank also will leverage their combined strengths and technological capabilities to collaborate on cloud and system integration to support customer projects in the following industries and use cases:

  • Financial industry: To achieve work style reform of employees through telework, Kyndryl and SoftBank will propose a combination of Kyndryl’s IT consulting and IT infrastructure design, construction and operation as well as introduction support and security services of “Microsoft 365” by SoftBank.
  • Non-iron metal industry: SoftBank’s MSP services and Kyndryl’s IT consultation and design know-how will turn outdated system platforms into a hybrid multicloud platform that can respond to digital transformation project demands. Combined with SoftBank’s MSP services and Kyndryl’s IT consulting system design, Kyndryl and SoftBank aim to move aging system infrastructure in the industry to a hybrid cloud environment.
  • Manufacturing industry: Toward the realization of a “smart factory” that aims to improve data visualization and productivity by linking production equipment, control systems, robots and so forth in the factory, Kyndryl will propose the design and building of the entire IT system in the factory while building a network within the factory, leveraging SoftBank’s “Private 5G”.

Kyndryl and SoftBank will collaborate in cloud and system integration to support customer digitalization needs by capitalizing on mutual strengths and expertise. Going forward, the parties plan to work together with member companies and organizations of “SoftBank 5G Consortium” to engage in efforts to drive digital transformation especially for manufacturers.

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