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Kyndryl and Nvidia join forces to propel AI-powered business insights

Artificial intelligence is like the weather. Everybody talks about it, but in this case, only a few know how to manage it effectively. That’s why NVIDIA and Kyndryl, both with deep AI expertise, plan to bring their cutting-edge AI and generative AI solutions to customers.

When it comes to AI innovation, being at the forefront is crucial. Kyndryl has the technologies and expertise necessary to harness NVIDIA AI for businesses. Kyndryl is deeply involved in AI, as Kyndryl Bridge uses AI for service delivery and visibility across organizations’ IT environments. Kyndryl then employs AI to collect and analyze data from Kyndryl Bridge’s growing customer base across industries and incorporate that knowledge into the platform’s continuous learning capabilities. This leads to more precise automation with the ability to scale, improve systems management and enhance business outcomes.

“Good data is the key that opens the door to the insights Kyndryl Bridge gathers from customer operations,” said Giovanni Carraro, Kyndryl’s Senior Vice President of Global Strategic Alliances. “These insights allow us to automate and improve our customer services delivery. Kyndryl’s collaboration with NVIDIA will supercharge our ability to integrate AI and generative AI into hybrid cloud environments. The result will be optimized operations, speedier innovation, and reduced errors and their associated costs.”

What are some of the specific benefits that Kyndryl and NVIDIA will bring to customers?
By integrating NVIDIA AI into Kyndryl Bridge, we’ll enable NVIDIA software to support customers in a hybrid cloud environment. That level of integration has been a big challenge for businesses, but we’ll have our technical expertise and business insights from Kyndryl Consult to help us guide our customers in their adoptions of AI.

This really is a three-way play among Kyndryl Bridge, Kyndryl Consult and NVIDIA that will drive significant value by accelerating generative AI performance to enhance the speed and efficiency of AI adoption across the industries we serve. We’ll be able to offer a variety of AI-infused consulting and managed services via the Kyndryl Bridge platform, optimizing workload placement and energy efficiency using CloudOps and SustainabilityOps, and using real-time insights from Kyndryl Bridge AIOps to enhance the performance of generative AI applications.

What does a business need to do to harness the benefits of generative AI while mitigating its risks?
The risks include the potential for bias, the need for accuracy in AI-generated content and the security of data when using public large language models. These risks must be carefully managed to avoid negative consequences. Businesses need to adopt a comprehensive approach to data management, know the capabilities and limitations of generative AI, understand how AI models are built and trained, and develop a strategic implementation plan to harness its benefits while mitigating its risks.

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