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Kcell, Tele2 consortium wins 5G tender

Mobile services Tele2, Altel, Kcell, and Activ were the winners of the first lot at an internet auction for 5G radio frequency bands that took place yesterday, QazMonitor reports.

The starting price at the auction for the 3,600-3,700 MHz (100 MHz) radio frequency band was ₸1,761,225,000.00. In the end, the price increased to ₸62,669,775,351.00.

The winners of the auction – Mobile Telecom Service LLP (Tele2 and Altel) and Kcell JSC (Kcell and Activ) – will be responsible for the implementation and development of 5G mobile communication in cities of national importance and regional centers.

According to the obligations, the auction winner must gradually open a total of 3,527 base stations. It is expected that, by 2027, 75% of the important cities and 60% of regional centers will be provided with 5G technology.

The 5G network will be available to the general public and large businesses in need of high-speed Internet.

A second lot for the 3700-3800 MHz (100 MHz) radio frequency band will be auctioned today. Qazmonitor

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