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Jio, Airtel, Vi prepaid recharge plans comparison

The revision in pre-paid tariff plans by Bharati Airtel, Jio and Vodafone Idea has is bothering people. It came after Airtel and Vodafone Idea had hiked prepaid plans followed by Reliance Jio on Sunday. The Airtel revision came into effect on Nov 26, Vodafone Idea on Nov 25, and the Reliance Jio will start from Dec 1. Overall, there has been a handsome 20 to 25 per cent increase in the new prepaid plans of telecom providers. This will lead to the comparison of their plans as subscribers would want to save money by choosing the right pack.

We will compare the prepaid plans of Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodafone Idea:

All the existing packs from the 28 days to 365 days have been revised along with the top up recharges. The ₹75 pack valid for 28 days moves to ₹91. The unlimited data plans starting with ₹129 will now be charged at ₹155 having 2GB data for 28 days. ₹149 pack for 24 days with 1GB data per day moves to ₹179.

The commonly used recharge of ₹199 will now be levied at ₹239 having 1.5GB data each day for a period of 28 days. The 2GB data/day for 28 days pack moves to ₹299.

The 56 days pack of ₹399 has been hiked to ₹479 with 1.5GB data/day. Similarly, the 2GB data/day pack for the same period will be charged at ₹533 from the current ₹444.

The 84 days pack of ₹329 goes to ₹395 bundled with 6GB data total data for the entire period. The ₹555 pack will now stand at ₹666 with 1.5GB data per day valid for 84 days. The 2GB/day pack will move to ₹719 from the current ₹599.

The 336 days pack of ₹1,299 has been increased to ₹1,559 having 24GB data. The yearly recharge of ₹2,399 moves to ₹2,879 having 2GB data per day.

The top up pack of ₹51 goes to ₹61, ₹101 pack to ₹121 pack and ₹251 to ₹301 with 6GB, 12GB and 50GB data respectively.

Vodafone Idea
The ₹79 basic pack with 28 days validity now starts at ₹99. The ₹149 plan with 2GB data valid for 28 days goes to ₹179. The previous ₹219 pack now becomes ₹269 recharge having 1GB data per day and unlimited calling.

The 1.5GB per day data pack now starts at ₹299 instead of ₹249, valid only for 28 days. The ₹299 pack having 2GB data per day moves to ₹359 applicable for 28 days period.

The 56 days packs of ₹399 and ₹449 have been increased to ₹479 and ₹539 respectively. The 479 pack offers 1.5GB data whereas the ₹539 recharge gets you 2GB data per day along with unlimited calling.

Similarly, the 84 days packs of ₹379, ₹599 and ₹699 will now be charged as ₹459, ₹719 and ₹839 respectively starting November 25, 2021. The ₹459 pack gets 6GB data, ₹719 comes with 1.5GB data per day and ₹839 recharge features 2GB data per day, unlimited calling and 100 SMS/day.

The yearly packages of ₹1499 and ₹2399 hiked to ₹1799 and ₹2899 respectively. The ₹1799 gives you 24GB data for 365 days whereas the ₹2899 pack gets 1.5GB data per day for a year.

Likewise, the top up recharges have been revised too. The ₹48 pack now becomes ₹58 pack for 28 days with 3GB data, the ₹98 recharge goes to ₹118 with 12GB data, the ₹251 moves to ₹298 having 50GB data for 28 days. The 56 days top up pack of ₹351 now becomes ₹418 pack with 100GB data.


As per the latest announced tariff plans of Airtel, the existing pack of ₹298 with 2GB data per day will now cost you ₹359 with 28 days of validity. Similarly, the 56 days validity pack cots ₹479 having 1.5GB data/day. The 449 pack for Airtel costs ₹549 bundled with 2GB data per day for 56 days period.

The ₹698 pack of Airtel prepaid which offers 2GB data for 84 days is at ₹839. The 1GB data/day pack of Airtel sells at ₹265 for 28 days.

The 1.5GB data per day for 28 days is at ₹299 instead of ₹249 on Airtel. Livemint

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