ITU Global Wireless Conference Approves New Spectrum Bands For 5G In Frequency Bands Above 24 GHz

Posted by ITU-APT Foundation

Delegates representing ITU Member States have agreed at the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-19) in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, to adopt innovative new conditions while identifying bands above 24 GHz to promote faster roll out of 5G services, while suitably protecting the satellite services in these bands as well as in adjacent bands.

The conditions approved for these allocations closely align with the proposals that were approved and submitted by India and also aligns well with what was recommended by the ITY-APT foundation to the Government.

The agreement reached at WRC-19 late night on Wednesday in Sharm El-Sheikh after four weeks for hectic negotiation established the regulatory procedures for the deployment of 5G services in 26, 40, 47 and 66 GHz.

Indian delegation lead by the WPC wing of the Ministry of Communications played a crucial role in reaching this path breaking outcome at a closed door session which went into late night deliberations.

Under the newly adopted regulatory regime, 5G handsets and infrastructure will need to protect the satellite observations of Earth by limiting their emissions in 24 GHz band to -29 dB now and to -35 after 2027. Similarly, the 5G towers emissions will be limited to -33dB now and -39 after 2027.

At the beginning of the conference, Russian countries and China were proposing very high restrictions on 5G services – exceeding -42 to -48 dB which would have made the rollout of the 5G services impossible. India had proposed a more balanced  limit of -35 which balanced the views of both 5G and satellite groups.

The new limits approved by WRC-19 between -29 to -39 staggered over next 8 years, agreed by the conference provides a very innovative approach that satisfies all the interests

Mr. Bharat Bhatia, President of ITU APT Foundation of India who is participating participating in this conference as a member of the Indian official delegation applauded the decision of the conference and the role played by the Indian delegation in brokering an agreement on this difficult issue  and said that both industry and Government worked in unison to  support this global agreement on 5G spectrum.

Also, during the WRC conference the ITU will allocate a spectrum for 5G mobile technology, laying the foundation for the spread of 5G services globally and enabling the growth potentials of Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, big data and geospatial analytics.

More than  3000 spectrum experts from 190 countries including senior  governments officials and academics are participating in WRC ’19. Visit the  WRC ’19 webpage to webpage to learn about the event.

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