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ISRO’s Geoportal Bhuvan surpasses Google in data detail

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is making great advancements in its data dissemination capabilities through its Geoportal-Bhuvan, surpassing global giants like Google in terms of information detail.

ISRO Chief S. Somanath recently announced that Bhuvan offers users data that is ten times more detailed than what Google provides. He emphasized the introduction of two new tools, Bhuvan-Panchayat and NDEM, which mark major strides in enhancing data access and utility.

Moreover, The Daily Guardian reported that Bhuvan, renowned for its extensive geospatial data offerings, provides detailed insights and resources valuable across multiple sectors. Its capability to deliver localized information supports decision-making processes in areas such as agriculture, urban planning, and disaster management.

The newly launched Bhuvan-Panchayat tool aims to empower local governance by supplying enriched data sets and analytical tools to support their operations.

According to Somanath, “India’s Geoportal-Bhuvan delivers information that is ten times more comprehensive than what Google offers. We have introduced two critical tools, Bhuvan-Panchayat and NDEM, adding substantial new data sets.”

Reportedly, the National Database for Emergency Management (NDEM) is another critical addition, enhancing ISRO’s disaster response and management capabilities. By integrating vital data sets, NDEM aids in risk assessment and mitigation during emergencies, reflecting ISRO’s commitment to using space technology for societal benefits.

Somanath highlighted that these tools play a crucial role in bridging information gaps, providing stakeholders at various levels with actionable insights derived from satellite imagery and other spatial data. The continuous evolution of the Geoportal-Bhuvan strengthens India’s digital infrastructure, offering robust solutions tailored to meet diverse needs across the nation. Livemint

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