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Investments In Security Critical For Network Resilience In 5G Era

Deployment of 5G technology will see security emerge as an important area of investment for telecom companies given that the ensuing increase in traffic and connected devices will significantly expand attack surface for cybercriminals, a report by A10 Networks said on Tuesday.

A10 Networks, which provides security solutions to mobile operators globally, said companies across the world expect rapid progress toward 5G over the next 18 months.

This is expected to open up new revenue opportunities for carriers and disruptive new use cases for many industries.

5G, the fifth generation of cellular network technology, promises to offer faster data speeds and better network quality for consumers.

The US and South Korea will be among the first few countries to see commercial deployment of the latest technology in the next few quarters. However, it could take longer for 5G to be deployed in India.

“Mobile carriers anticipate significant revenue opportunities and exciting new use cases as they move forward with their 5G deployments. However, the industry also recognises that 5G will dramatically raise the stakes for ensuring the security and reliability of these networks,” A10 Networks Global Field Chief Technology Officer Ravi Raj Bhat told reporters here.

He added that new mission-critical applications like autonomous vehicles, smart cities and remote patient monitoring will make network reliability vital to the safety and security of people and businesses.

“Dramatic increases in traffic rates and connected devices will significantly expand the attack surface and scale for cybercriminals,” Bhat said.

He said India ranks among the top mobile data consumers and mobile subscriber base, and that 5G technology will play an important role across areas such as manufacturing, educational, healthcare, agricultural, financial and social sector.

Bhat cited findings of the ‘Securing the Future of a Smart World’ survey that found 67 percent respondents saying they will deploy their first commercial 5G networks within 18 months, and another 20 percent within two years.

Also, 94 percent respondents said they expected growth in network traffic, connected devices and mission-critical internet of things (IoT) use cases to significantly increase security and reliability concerns for 5G networks, while 79 percent said 5G is a consideration in current security investments.―Deccan Chronicle

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