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Inspur Releases OTII Server For Edge Computing At MWC 2019

Posted by Inspur

On Feb 25 at MWC 2019, Inspur released NE5260M5, the first OTII (Open Telcom IT Infrastructure) server design for edge computing. NE5260M5 is designed for 5G scenarios such as IoT, MEC and NFV, and is suitable for the environment of the edge data center.

NE5260M5: Designed for Telecom and optimized for 5G

According to William Chen, the Deputy General Manager of Inspur Server Product Line Department, NE5260M5 meets diverse standards for both server and telecom IT infrastructure and was designed to open and unified standards for the edge data center environment and telecom applications.

The NE5260M5 follows the telecom server standard instead of the traditional server standard: standing at 2U tall, 430mm deep and 19 inches wide, the NE5260M5 is about half the depth of the traditional standard server which allows it to be installed with telecom servers on the CT data center directly. Moreover, NE5260M5 has various mounting options, like wall mounting, to fit in space-constrained edge environments. The NE5260M5 is able endure heat, dust, corrosion, electromagnetism and shock condition without compromising performance.

In terms of scalability, NE5260M5 supports 2 soon-to-be-released latest Intel processors, 16 DIMMs, 6 PCI-E slots, 6* 2.5-inch hard disks, and 2* M.2 SSDs, designed to deliver ideal scalability within space constraints and satisfying the demands of video surveillance, intelligent manufacturing, and IoT applications.

Meanwhile, NE5260M5 was designed at the chip level to deliver the most advanced NUMA-Balance, QAT, remote management and debugging capabilities. Inspur has been developing NFV, SDN and other application-specific technologies to achieve higher stability and lower latency in servers.

First OTII Server: Promoting ICT Integration

The diverse applications of the 5G era have led to the rapid development of edge computing. The traditional data center is shifting towards edge computing, which will accelerate the convergence of ICT. At present, the core business of telecommunications has proposed higher requirements on the server in terms of real-time responsiveness, stability and ease of management. Traditional servers will increasingly face various challenges in standardization, environmental adaptability and maintenance in core business application scenarios.

In June 2017, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Intel, Inspur and other companies jointly released the “OTII Customized Server Reference Design and Action Plan” to build deeply customized, open-standard and specs-unified server technology solutions and prototype products for telecom business to empower the development of edge computing.―CT Bureau

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