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India’s mobile download speeds increases to 17.96Mbps in August 2021

India’s fixed broadband download speed continued to grow in August 2021, and the average speed touched 62.45Mbps, global internet speeds tracker Ookla announced. As per its Speedtest Global Index for August 2021, India’s global ranking remained unchanged at the 68th spot, despite recording its highest mean speed ever. However, the 62.45Mbps fixed broadband download speed is still way below August 2021’s 110.24Mbps global download speed (average). Singapore topped the list with 262.20Mbps average fixed broadband download speed, followed by Hong Kong (254.50Mbps), Monaco (242.89Mbps), Switzerland (222.00Mbps), and Thailand (221.00Mbps).

Notably, Ookla notes that India’s overall performance in mobile download speeds registered a slight increase from 17.77Mbps in July 2021 to 17.96Mbps. However, the country still dropped four spots, in the global ranking for mobile speeds, from 122 to 126, owing to the better performance shown by countries like Uzbekistan, Colombia, Belarus and Cote d’Ivoire. In Ookla’s mobile internet speed list, UAE topped with average download speed of 195.52Mbps, followed by South Korea (192.16Mbps), Norway (173.54Mbps), Qatar (169.17Mbps), and China (163.45Mbps).

India’s neighbours like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal aren’t too far on the mobile download speed list. Pakistan did better than India in the mobile internet list by registering 19.79Mbps average download speed in August 2021 – rank 120. However, the country performed poorly in the fixed broadband list by registering just 13.50Mbps mean download speed. Sri Lanka’s mobile download speed stood at 16.02Mbps, just four spots below India. Similar to Pakistan, its fixed broadband speed is way below at 26.05Mbps. Nepal’s average mobile download and fixed broadband download speeds were at 20.90Mbps and 30.49Mbps, respectively – showing the same trend as Pakistan and Sri Lanka. China’s fixed broadband download speed is way ahead of its Southern neighbours at 193.15Mbps.

Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index compares Speedtest data from around the world each month. Data for the Global Index comes from the hundreds of millions of tests taken by real people using Speedtest every month to test their Internet performance. News18

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