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Indian companies adapted to cyberattacks well

Companies in India have adapted well to respond to increased cyberattacks after witnessing “total chaos” in the first three months of coronavirus-induced lockdown, although it will take time for these firms to upgrade their networks, according to a senior official of consultancy firm EY.

EY in its Global Integrity Report 2020 had found that cybercriminals, trying to exploit the fears and uncertainties around the virus, have stepped up phishing and ransomware attacks, increasing the risks for organizations already struggling to operate during a pandemic.

The rapid shift to employees working remotely also made cybersecurity an even bigger challenge —one that organizations had little time to prepare for and such attacks have happened in various sectors, including healthcare organizations.

“But I would say India has adapted well. Today companies have much more handle on what’s happening. The first three months (of lockdown) was total chaos. That’s when all these ransomware and cyber cases happened quite a lot,” Arpinder Singh, India and emerging markets leader —EY forensic and integrity services, told PTI.

He further said, “Today, things have opened up and people have started going back to office and also companies have invested to make sure their networks are tighter, infrastructure is tighter. But it will take time upgrading.” Recollecting on what happened when the lockdown was first announced in March, Singh said there was so much disruption “that I don’t think any company is fully prepared for… Most IT companies have desktop, and employees can’t carry desktop to home.” Giving reasons for the unpreparedness, he said, “In India, work from home has never been a very popular (concept). Companies have not really supported it like they do in the US or Europe, where it is quite common to work from home even if there is no pandemic.” People have taken computers home, it has taken companies a month or two to set up firewalls or additional security. So that has not been easy, he added. Live Mint

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