India Global Fixed Broadband Ranking Improves In January: Ookla

Fixed broadband speeds in India improved in January 2020, while mobile download speeds were relatively flat, reported Ookla, which is known for its Speedtest. The report showed that Singapore had the fastest fixed broadband with mean download speeds at 202.21 Mbps.

Even though the mean download speeds on fixed broadband dipped in India from December 2019, it moved up a spot globally. As of now, India ranks 66th for fixed broadband worldwide. The mean download speeds on fixed broadband were recorded at 38.84 Mbps in January 2020 compared to 40.11 Mbps in December 2019.

The fixed broadband speeds in India is expected to rise, thanks to the rollout of GigaFiber, which is Reliance Jio’s home (FTTH) broadband service. Meanwhile, the global average download and upload speeds on fixed broadband were 74.32 Mbps and 40.83 Mbps respectively. Hong Kong followed Singapore with fixed broadband download speeds of 169.78 Mbps.

When it comes to mobile broadband, UAE topped the global ranking with a mean download speed of 87.01 Mbps. India’s ranking (128th) remained steady in January as well, though there was a slight improvement in mean download speeds from 11.46 Mbps in December 2019 to 11.58 Mbps in January 2020.

The global average download speeds on mobile broadband were recorded at 31.95 Mbps. The upload speeds for mobile broadband were 11.32 Mbps for January 2020. At the second spot in the global mobile broadband ranking was South Korea, which dropped one spot from December 2019 with download speeds of 83.90 Mbps.―Indian Express

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