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India can replace China as major semiconductor manufacturer, Taiwan FM

Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu has expressed optimism that India can replace China as a major semiconductor manufacturer as “China may not be a reliable partner in high-tech production”.

The comments come amid Taiwan company PSMC and Tata Group joining hands for India’s first semiconductor fab in Gujarat’s Dholera.

“People have started to understand that China may not be a reliable partner in high-tech production, and therefore people are looking for an alternative and when people see India, which is a democracy, which is a reliable partner, and which also provides an abundance of skilled engineers and labourers. So investing in India or entering into co-operation with Indian electronics or manufacturing becomes a viable option,” said Joseph Wu.

The Taiwanese foreign minister further warned about disinformation campaigns ahead of the Indian election.

He said, “India is also going through an election and I’m sure the Chinese would like to create this open environment to shape the minds of the Indian people”.

India and Taiwan have seen high-level developments, including the signing of a mobility pact. Under the mobility pact, Indian workers can travel to Taiwan which can boost the self-ruled island’s economy. Taiwan is also working on opening up its office in Mumbai.

The foreign minister also spoke on Taiwan’s former President, Ma’s visit to Beijing.

He said, “Most of the people here in Taiwan who like to maintain the status quo across the Taiwan Strait, it’s about 80% or more and those who would advocate the lies advocated by former president Ma is in a very small minority, and those who would advocate to change the status quo in a rapid way to defy Taiwan and China is also a small minority”.

The minister also appreciated India’s support at the time of the recent earthquake.

“People here, our heartfelt, we are very touched by Prime Minister Modi even though he’s running for election right now. He’s supposed to be very busy, but it still takes time to tweet about the earthquake here in Taiwan sending condolences and sympathy and support for the countless people at this very difficult time,” said the foreign minister. WION News

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