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Iconic NEXTEL telecommunications brand is back- Seeking investment

In 2018 the famous NEXTEL™ brand was relaunched and reintroduced to the untapped multi-billion dollar small business cellular market.

The new NEXTEL™ brand offers an array of high tech handheld and vehicular mounted devices for America’s business community and personal use.

Whether it be Nextel’s popular instant nationwide Direct Connect functionality, instant nationwide Direct Connect with 4/5G cellular capability (POC), or instant nationwide Direct Connect with cellular, data, GPS based location tracking, or Point of Sale & Mobile workforce productivity, the new NEXTEL™ brand with its famous “Nextel Chirp™” offers the features you need.

“We are thrilled that this beloved American iconic telecommunications brand with its new 4/5G LTE, NEXTEL CHIRP APP and other emerging technologies is once again available to the business community as well as personal use,” says Nextel Mobile Worldwide Inc. CEO, Jeffrey Kaplan.

“Nextel’s ultimate goal is to resign the 20 million former NEXTEL™ business subscribers, to reopen over 5000 NEXTEL™ brand new dealer locations providing needed job opportunities and to once again become a company valued at over $30 Billion Dollars. Nextel is also allowing the public to become part of this exciting venture.” Please visit:

This low cost Start Engine crowdfunding project allows the public and investors, both large and small, to share in Nextel Mobile Worldwide Inc.’s mission to relaunch this famous legacy telecommunications brand across the United States.

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