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IAMAI is failing in its role, says Rohan Verma

IAMAI is promoting views that are Anti-Indian and Pro-Foreign Big Tech, tweeted CEO and Executive Director of MapMyIndia Rohan Verma.

“It’s distressing to know that IAMAI (Internet And Mobile Association of India) – @IAMAIForum is parroting & promoting views that are Anti-Indian and Pro-Foreign Big Tech. I hope everyone realises that the Chair & Vice Chair of IAMAI are from the Foreign Big Tech. Sad to see an org originally founded by and for Indian companies, taken over & now promoting a false narrative. IAMAI views & submissions to govt & media on digital policies, regulations, laws etc are completely wrong and antithetical to what Indians – consumers, industry, government – need.

Also – please get your website up & running again – – so everyone can see who the people etc are behind the org are, & what your charter etc currently is. Either IAMAI must change immediately to truly reflect the voice & aspirations of India – OR IAMAI must be given no credence. Every country has its own trade bodies who promote their domestic companies in their domestic market & enable them internationally. Sad to see various Indian trade bodies lured by & acting on behalf of the interest of Foreign companies. Foreign companies are certainly welcomed in India, and appreciated – but know that it is your privilege to have access to the Indian market, and that you definitely don’t have a right to plunder India.”

Verma received comments as, “while I sympathise with you, you are swimming against the tide. Indians are basically traders not original developers. All our famous modern ‘Indians’ are emigrants who have changed their nationality. Others support them sitting in India. Make vs Made? Lost battle. Innovators like you are a drop in the ocean. By and large we are traders. I write this on an iPhone made in China! Could anything be sadder?” Arup Dasgupta, managing editor, Geospatial World.

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