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IAFI hosts World Wi-Fi Day celebrations

ITU-APT Foundation of India hosted the World Wi-Fi Day celebrations as a virtual workshop on Zoom platform. Communications Today was the exclusive media partner.

A K Tiwari, Member Technology, DoT, who was the Chief guest of the event spoke on the increased use of data and internet in India and the increased importance of Wi-Fi for easy access to the internet. He mentioned that the government will take into account the views of all stake holders while considering the delicensing of 6GHz Band for Wi-Fi.

Dr. Satya N Gupta, Secretary general of IAFI, who moderated the workshop, elucidated the importance of Wi-Fi Hotspots through PM-WANI. He believes that “broadband through PM WANI network will provide the necessary ecosystem for a disaggregated, de-regulated Wi-Fi Architecture to help create opportunity for 10 Million Hotspots via Public Data Offices (PDOs) & Public Data Office Aggregators (PDOA)”

ITU-APT Foundation of India (IAFI) President Bharat Bhatia, who hosted the event, expressed his happiness regarding the cabinet’s decision on the importance of private 5G, and further continued his presentation regarding the importance of 6Ghz & V band for Wi-Fi hotspots, emphasizing on how Unlicensed 60 GHz (V band) will help create new Industrial automation economy and support manufacturing and exports, concluding on the suggestion that the upper 600Mhz (5925- 7025 MHz) will provide for low power indoor mode Wi-Fi to support PM’s vision of an Atmanirbhar Bharat.

R K Saxena who was the Guest of Honour at this workshop spoke, on the importance of World Wi-Fi Day and that the role of that Wi-Fi plays in our lives towards connecting the unconnected. He also emphasised on the role of the WPC Wing of Department of Telecommunication (DoT). Furthermore, the growth of Wi-Fi in terms of Wi-Fi 6e is the next step towards the expanding needs of current times.

Rajkumar Upadhyay, spoke on the contribution of Wi-Fi to the Economy and the way ahead for Wi-Fi in terms of global momentum for 6Ghz band spectrum, along with the current importance of PM-Wani Scheme and connected networks, He also emphasized how rural and remote areas require Wi-Fi hotspots as compared to urban segments of the country.

K Manohar Raja, executive director of RailTel focused his presentation on RailTel’s Wi-Fi strategy in support of PM-WANI. He presented his views on shared home broadband and its concept and implementation in communities that require a platform to connect leading to a digital revolution in terms of education and healthcare.

D M Ezhil Buddhan, presented on the importance Wi-Fi Walk In along with Global Public Wi-Fi Hotspots, further focusing on Open Wi-Fi Policy Implementation & Public Data Office (PDO) Initiatives, which will establish, maintain, and operate PM-WANI compliant Wi-Fi Access points and provide last mile connectivity to deliver Broadband services to subscribers by procuring internet bandwidth from telecom service providers.

Keitarou Kondu, Senior Architect, HRCP, Japan, was the international speaker for this workshop who presented his views on expanding a new Gpbs-class wireless technology i.e., TransferJetX (TJX) especially for short range devices (SRDs) which enables Ultra-high-speed P2P data transfer and this works on the spectrum band of 60Ghz (V-Band).

Ashish Tayal, Director (R-1) TEC on the next stepping stone towards PM WANI which is called PM WANI 2.0 which will provide with the concept of reselling of bandwidth, this will be achieved through WiFi6 E (6 GHz) because for the end user it will be faster with a credibility of consuming less power, this will be better because it will provide not just speed but better performance in congested areas for example; stadiums and device packed homes.

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