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IAF develops Vayulink platform for jam-proof communication with base station

The Indian Air Force has come out with an innovative solution that would aid pilots in dealing with bad weather and also provide jam-proof uninterrupted communication with the base station.

Known as Vayulink, the data link communication uses the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) that is also known as NAVIC, to send radio communication to the base station when the signals are low, an IAF officer involved in the project said.

The important aspect of the technological solution is that it prevents fratricide or friendly fire, he added.

The IAF has put up the Vayulink gallery to give information about its platform at the India Pavilion in the ongoing Aero India 2023 here.

“Vayulink is an ad-hoc data link communication system, which when installed in an aircraft, gives position of other aircrafts close by, encrypted traffic data over secured channel,” Wing Commander Vishal Mishra told PTI.

When the planes are flying close to any friendly forces on grounds during a combat situation, the aircraft display gives the position of such forces on the ground including tanks and troops beneath, the IAF officer said.

The system can also give the pilots data on the weather, he added.

“When you are flying above the hills where there is no radio communication, the system can give you radio communication also,” Wing Commander Mishra said.

According to him, Vayulink is helpful for the Air Force, Army and Navy, while it can be given to as many government services as possible since the technology has been made within the Indian Air Force.

Wing Commander Mishra claimed that Vayulink has been developed by the Air Force only and it is a very secure system.

“The advantage of the system is when you are going into combat, it prevents fratricide. It means, you are able to know where our ground forces are present,” he claimed.

The Vayulink system also prevents aircraft collision, provides better combat teaming and helps plan real-time basis where multiple teams can get together and go towards the target coming from different areas, Wing Commander Mishra pointed out. PTI

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