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Huawei’s Ken Hu on Strategy And 5G Smartphone

Ken Hu, rotating chairman at Huawei, has revealed the company strategy, innovations in 5G smartphone, among other things, at a 5G event organized at WEF 2018 in China.

Jean-Marc Frangos, chief innovation officer at British Telecom, Sihan Bo Chen, head of Greater China at GSMA, Mikael Back, head of Business Strategy at Ericsson and Wang Feng, editor-in-chief at were also present.

Huawei said its first 5G smartphone will have a foldable screen. 5G networks’ faster speed 100x faster than today will enable customers to enjoy high-definition video experience with a big screen on your smartphone.

Lower latency will give much better user experience with artificial intelligence functionality. It will help the 5G smartphone, which is working with on-device AI functionality, work better with cloud-based artificial intelligence, and it will allow Huawei to generate many new AI applications.

5G network will connect everything. “That will give us an opportunity to develop devices in different formats. For instance, sensors will connect your shoes, your glasses, etc. There’s unlimited potential for us to develop different devices and to generate different kinds of new services,” Ken Hu said.

Telecom industry feels that the costs for 5G infrastructure will be significantly higher than 4G.

5G technology being offered by Huawei will help carriers enhance the efficiency of their spectrum. That will help operators lower the cost of their data traffic.

5G technology is more complicated than any mobile technology. Huawei will be introducing emerging technology like artificial intelligence to help simplify operations, including aspects like network configuration. “That will help operators greatly reduce Opex, which nowadays is three or four times greater than Capex,” Ken Hu said.

Regulators in the government can help in reducing the cost of spectrum resources and fiber optics.

“We hope that the government can help supply much more sufficient spectrum resources to the market, with more reasonable mechanisms and with lower costs. That will greatly help the industry to lower the end-to-end cost of 5G services,” Ken Hu said.

5G will carry a huge amount of data. If the carriers can deploy more fiber optical networks with lower costs, it will help them to better accommodate fast-growing data traffic and help reduce the overall cost of 5G.

Ken Hu said 5G is more secure than 4G from the technology perspective. 4G comes with 128-bit encryption as compared with 256 bits encryption in the case of 5G networks. This is a huge improvement on the protection of data transmission, Ken Hu said. – Telecom Lead

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