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Huawei To Launch Kirin A1 Chipset For India

After the launch of its smartphones, Huawei India is aiming to disrupt the wearables market in the country. Huawei Consumer Business Group has announced that it would launch the world’s first and only chipset exclusively for wearables in India early next month. Leveraging the growing wearables market in India, Huawei India said that the new chipset, Kirin A1, will support the low power consumption.

Kirin A1 comes with an advanced Bluetooth processing unit, a powerful audio processing unit, an ultra-low power application processor and an independent power management unit, all within a mere 4.3mm*4.4mm set.

“As a consumer-centric brand, Huawei has always been at the forefront of technology innovation driven by deep-rooted consumer insights. The Kirin A1 is a very powerful chipset and is anticipated to bring in a paradigm shift in India’s wearable market. In line with our legacy of eliminating consumer pain points — products powered by this chipset will provide unparalleled performance, power efficiency and

connectivity,” said Tornado Pan, country manager, Huawei Consumer Business Group.
The Huawei Kirin A1 combines both high performance and ultra-energy efficiency with its Cortex-M7 processor with maximum energy consumption rate of 10uA/MHz, far below the industry’s 30uA/MHZ power consumption level, the global electronics firm said in a statement.

“The combination of the Cortex-M7’s powerful multi-sensors, as well as from the capacitive sensor, optical heart rate sensor, and additional sensors such as accelerometer sensor and six axis sensor, is crafted to deliver the most accurate body recognition and monitoring capabilities, thereby disrupting the status quo of the wearable devices industry,” Huawei India claimed.―New Indian Express

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