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Huawei surges in profit, and expands ecosystem in 2023

Despite intensifying US sanctions, Huawei tried to prove it could navigate challenges and make progress by recording a surge in profit in 2023 in addition to a widening ecosystem and technological breakthroughs.

Huawei released its 2023 Annual Report. The company reports that its performance was in line with forecast, having generated CNY704.2 billion in revenue and CNY87 billion in net profits. Throughout the past year, Huawei’s ICT infrastructure business remained solid, and its consumer business met expectations. Both its cloud computing and digital power businesses grew steadily, and its intelligent automotive solution business began large-scale delivery.

Huawei values research and innovation. In 2023, the company invested CNY164.7 billion back into R&D, which accounted for 23.4% of its annual revenue. Altogether, the company’s R&D investment over the past decade amounts to CNY1.11 trillion.

“The company’s performance in 2023 was in line with forecast,” said Ken Hu, Huawei’s Rotating Chairman. “We’ve been through a lot over the past few years. But through one challenge after another, we’ve managed to grow. The trust and support of our customers, partners, and friends around the world is what helped us keep going, keep surviving, and keep growing.”

2023 revenue by business: The ICT infrastructure business generated CNY362 billion, up 2.3% YoY. The consumer business recorded CNY251.5 billion, up 17.3% YoY. The cloud computing business brought in CNY55.3 billion, up 21.9% YoY. The digital power business earned CNY52.6 billion, up 3.5% YoY. The intelligent automotive solution business generated CNY4.7 billion, up 128.1% YoY.

Moving forward, Huawei will keep investing in technology and open innovation to advance technology and help different industries modernize. Committed to succeeding through quality, the company will work hard to make quality one of its core competitive strengths. In its engagement with 9.5 million developers and 46,000 ecosystem partners around the world, Huawei strongly advocates for open collaboration and helping others succeed. With this approach, the company will continue to focus on developing core ICT technologies, as well as building up platform capabilities for complex hardware and sophisticated software systems, which are then opened up to partners to promote shared success.

“A new journey awaits us in 2024,” Hu concluded. “We will create greater value for our customers and society by driving open innovation, building thriving ecosystems, and succeeding through quality. Here I’d like to thank those who have joined us – and will join us – along the way. Together, let’s make something extraordinary. Let’s build a fully connected, intelligent world.”

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