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Huawei In Partnership With Omdia Publishes A Whitepaper Unleash The Power Of Digital Transformation

Posted by Huawei

Huawei in partnership with Omida published a whitepaper “ Unleash the power of digital transformation” at a Webinar launched in partnership with TM Forum.

During this virtual event, Mark Newman, Chief Analyst from TM Forum hosted and moderated the event and the author of a new whitepaper on transformation, James Crawshaw, Senior Analyst from Omdia discussed about whitepaper key findings and Telco industry’s vision in digital transformation along with these subject matter experts: Aaron Boasman-Patel, VP AI & Customer Experience from TM Forum and Danny Yap Kok Ho, principal Solution Architect from Huawei Technologies. Most of Telecom operators have recognized the value of digital transformation and are already reshaping their business processes to be more agile and efficient. However, the main focus relies on digitizing supporting functions and enterprise management. Competitive pressures and more challenging economics mean telecom operators must accelerate the digitization of two core value creation processes (SIP & OPS) to grow enterprise value.

Culture, lack of alignment between the network and business lines and lack of capabilities to leverage data are slowing down the pace of digitization. It requires the Telco industry to embrace an open and collaborative culture and accelerate investment in automation and digitization. Digitization will empower the alignment and synergy among the telecom operator’s strategy, business and network through transforming SIP and OPS processes. The entire value chain must also be included by an interconnected ecosystem of vendors, sub-contractors and channels. A new model of ecosystem partnership, openness and collaboration will be possible and the business relationship between telecom operators and vendors will be reshaped and more agile.

To find out where telecom operators are on their digital transformation journey, a survey was carried out in January 2020 across telecom operators in ASEAN and ANZ regions. Only 36% of respondents indicated that a strong degree of alignment exists between SIP and OPS business processes. In particular, leveraging and working on a common data set to make day-to-day business decisions is even more obscure, with only 29% claiming this was being achieved. Interestingly, the OPS domain plays a limited role (36%) in influencing strategic planning and in developing revenue streams vs SIP (57%). These results suggest an operating model that is lopsided, with SIP being a primary driver in defining business priorities and allocation of capital and operating in relative isolation to OPS. One of the key outcomes for digitization must be to align SIP and OPS business processes.

In conclusion, there are three key steps that telecom operators must take to unleash the power of digital transformation:(1) Develop a long-term data strategy enabled by a single view of data platform “leveraged by all” areas of the business. (2) Invest heavily to accelerate the alignment of SIP and OPS business processes in an automated and digitized manner working towards solving the “same” customer or business problem. (3) Foster an open and collaborative culture to drive an interconnected digital ecosystem, where not only telecom operators but vendors and suppliers work together to deliver compelling value for consumers and enterprises.

―CT Bureau

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