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Huawei Hyperbolises About 5G At Its 2018 Mobile Broadband Fest

No expense was spared as the main presentation was preceded by an acapella group apparently serenading Huawei, followed by a cute little girl, squeaking out the many ways in which 5G will improve everyone’s life.

We then heard from Huawei Rotating Chairman Ken Hu, who served up a list of Huawei’s 5G achievements and then went on to expand on the little girl’s 5G hyperbole with the standard references to enhanced mobile broadband, ultra-low latency and massive IOT. He did warn, however, that all this good stuff might not happen if governments don’t muck in by making spectrum available and giving operators better access to sites, infrastructure, etc.

Hu signed off with the statement: “If you build it, they will come”. This encapsulated the theme of his opening keynote, which effectively amounted to a call to the industry to go all in on 5G. It’s fair to assume this theme will be laboured consistently throughout the two-day event. – Telecoms

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