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HTC VIVE unveils VIVERSE, 5G advancements at MWC 2022

HTC VIVE, the premier virtual reality (VR) platform and ecosystem, unveiled a number of innovations at Mobile World Congress 2022, including advancements in 5G technology, in-car VR experiences, Location Based Entertainment (LBE), and the latest updates to the Viverse, HTC VIVE’s place in the metaverse.

Entering the VIVERSE
Viverse is HTC VIVE’s place in the metaverse: a universe of new experiences, and a seamless gateway to other VR universes in collaboration with partners worldwide.

HTC VIVE showcased new innovations to provide people with the best possible experience as they explore the Viverse. These innovations include VIVE Browser, a new VR-based web browser, and VIVE Connect, a portal to experiencing and traversing the Viverse. The company also debuted VIVE Guardian – a new tool which gives parents, guardians and teachers control over what young people can see and do in VR.

“VIVERSE is the next chapter of our VIVE Reality vision. VIVE is our brand and means ‘life’, and Verse refers to the chapters of life. Viverse provides seamless experiences, reachable on any device, anywhere, and is enabled by the virtual and augmented reality, high-speed connectivity, AI, and blockchain technologies that HTC has invested in for several years. We invite partners to join us on this fantastic journey to the internet of presence,” said Cher Wang, Co-Founder and Chairwoman at HTC.

Powered by reign
Together with its subsidiary G Reigns and partner Supermicro, HTC built a low-latency 5G network which powered live demos at HTC’s booth. In one demo, guests steered radio-controlled cars around a small race track in real-time over 5G, leveraging HTC’s compact, portable, 5G product Reign Core.

Going for a holoride
HTC VIVE and holoride are working together to bring VR entertainment to car passengers by leveraging VIVE Flow VR glasses and holoride’s innovative immersive technology platform. holoride’s technology matches VR content with real-time motion, location and navigational data from the vehicle. Combined with VIVE Flow, HTC’s lightweight and compact VR glasses, holoride is ideal for entertaining passengers on their journeys. Guests at MWC were able to experience holoride’s in-car VR in a ride around Barcelona.

Playing together in VR
HTC VIVE also demoed the latest in Location Based Entertainment (LBE) from Yullbe Go / Europa Park, with an onsite experience allowing five players wearing VIVE Focus 3 to roam the same map, interact, and game together.

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