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How Does 5G Fit Into The Enterprise?

In the U.S. early commercial 5G launches from Verizon and AT&T are focused on the consumer segment. But, given the ultra-high capacity and incredibly low latency 5G will bring, there’s real value in leveraging next-generation cellular to not just provide enterprises and industries with a bigger data pipe, but create an advantageous business outcome.

Lindsay Notwel, Cradlepoint’s vice president of carrier and international business, discussed how 5G can be leveraged in the public safety market where Cradlepoint’s routers are a mainstay.

He gave the example of a firefight in a building. “This is a life or death scenario and it’s all about information right where you need and at the speed and latency to be able to do that. The ability to have floor plans delivered on a helmet visor—these are real applications. In 4G, it’s good. When you’re talking about milliseconds of latency that could mean life or death, that’s the kind of thing we’re talking about.”

Peter Linder, Ericsson’s Head of 5G Marketing, said the infrastructure giant noticed a shift about four years ago marked by non-telcos approaching the company to understand how connectivity applies to their businesses.

“All the previous Gs,” Linder said, “was very much consumer-centric. This time it’s consumer and business straight out of the gate. It’s mobile and fixed wireless straight out of the gate.” He said Ericsson analyzed 940 companies earlier this year and found that 74% wanted a “first-mover advantage” relative to 5G.

To that first-mover point, Verizon was first-to-market in the U.S. with a commercial 5G service, which was detailed last week at Mobile World Congress Americas.

Justin Blair, Verizon’s executive director of product management, hit on 5G as a technology that creates business value. “For us, 5G is really all about ubiquitous connectivity. We’re really seeing the lines blur between wireless and wireline. It means [enterprises are]going to be able to really invest in the technology that’s going to give them all the business needs.”

As the company signs up subscribers to its 5G Home service in four markets throughout Q4, Blair said, We can turn up businesses in those markets today if they’re ready. He said it’s prudent for enterprise leaders to “think about how they can innovate, how can they take 5G today and start solving problems they have today. We’re asking them what’s your business problem? ” – RCR Wireless

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