HKT & Huawei Build Hong Kong’s First 5G All-Fiber Shared Indoor Network On Mass Transit Line

HKT and Huawei are building Hong Kong’s first all-fiber mobile network architecture on an Mass Transit Railway (MTR) line which uses an innovative Digital Indoor System (DIS) to enable multiple operators sharing the network to provide ubiquitous high-quality mobile broadband (MBB) service to their customers. This network infrastructure has the capability to evolve into future-oriented 5G networks without the need for additional cabling.

The DIS is deployed on the Shatin to Central Link (SCL) which is a new metro line of Mass Transit Railway under construction. The Central station is an important hub in the Golden Bay Area of Victoria Harbour. Connecting Hong Kong Island and the New Territories, this 17-kilometer line has a total of 10 train stations.

The indoor network for the SCL is constructed by HKT as the lead operator and will be shared by all mobile operators in Hong Kong. This shared indoor network is based on Huawei’s LampSite Sharing solution, which allows multiple operators to share a common indoor network where radio headends of high, medium, and small power specifications can be co-deployed. The major advantage of the network is its all-fiber DIS solution, which allows network upgrade to 5G using 3.5 GHz frequency band without the need for additional cabling.

Unlike traditional Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solutions that depend on passive coaxial cables, this solution allows the cables to be decoupled from frequency bands, radio access technologies, and multi-antenna technologies while delivering a huge capacity. As both 4G and 5G networks can be deployed based on the same architecture and using the same site locations, this solution allows a more flexible and smooth transition to a 5G indoor network. – Light Reading

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