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Hitachi establishes new “Generative AI Center” to accelerate value creation

Hitachi, Ltd. announced that it has established a new organization called “Generative AI Center” to promote the safe and effective use of Generative AI. The Center will accelerate Hitachi’s growth by maximizing the value provided to customers and improving productivity through the Lumada business.

Generative AI is artificial intelligence that can interpret a huge amount of data and generate various content such as images, texts, sounds, and program code. It is expected to generate a huge paradigm shift in the future of technology and AI.

Hitachi’s Generative AI Center will become a CoE (Center of Excellence) that brings specialists together, including data scientists and AI researchers who have knowledge of generative AI – as well as specialists in the fields of in-house IT, security, legal affairs, quality assurance, intellectual property, and other areas. Together they will promote the use of Generative AI whilst also importantly managing the risks.
The Generative AI Center will play a pivotal role in accumulating know-how and insights from using generative AI in the activities of the 320,000 employees of the Hitachi Group, including writing, summarizing, translation, and code generation, thereby powering a value creation cycle through which a safe and secure environment for customers can be offered. Specifically, for customers considering the use of Generative AI, the Center will start offering consulting services in June to support use cases and value creation, while controlling risks by combining its expertise in AI utilization, security, intellectual property, and other areas.

In addition, through collaboration with Microsoft Japan, a partner of the Lumada Alliance Program, Hitachi plans to provide environment building and operation support services that combine Azure OpenAI Service and Hitachi’s strengths in mission-critical cloud system integration.

“Since its founding, Hitachi has been committed to solving the issues faced by our customers and society based on our corporate mission to ‘Contribute to society through the development of superior, original technologies and products.” said Keiji Kojima, President and CEO, Hitachi. By capturing new innovations in the digital domain currently taking place around the world and utilizing data and technologies, we will accelerate the growth of our Social Innovation Business, which innovates social infrastructure and enhances people’s quality of life. Even in generative AI, where technology is advancing at an accelerated pace, Hitachi will leverage its long-standing regulations and insights on privacy protection and AI ethics to safely use cutting-edge technologies while taking measures to reduce risks, thereby helping to solve future problems and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.”

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