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HCLSoftware and Microsoft collaborate to accelerate AI-fueled offerings

HCLSoftware has announced a collaboration with Microsoft to integrate Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service into its software products, according to a release on Monday.

The two companies aim to create a new generation of intelligent applications that can transform industries, combining the might of HCLSoftware’s expertise in software development and AI, with Microsoft’s AI technologies.

“Working together, we will combine our AI expertise to create AI-fueled offerings that will enable businesses to further automate and scale their processes and make informed decisions based on data-driven insights,” Kaylan Kumar, Chief Product Officer at HCLSoftware, said.

HCLSoftware will infuse Microsoft’s AI technologies across HCLSoftware’s four clouds. These are Business Cloud, Hybrid Data Cloud, Create/Compose Cloud and Intelligent Automation Cloud.

HCLSoftware also uses GitHub Copilot, an AI-powered coding tool that helps developers write high-quality code faster, reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and focus on more complex problem-solving challenges.

“The collaboration between HCLSoftware and Microsoft is a testament to how AI can be used to create innovative solutions that can help businesses become more productive,” Ahmed Mazhari, President at Microsoft Asia, said. PTI

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