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Google Stadia Controller Won’t Support Bluetooth Headsets At Launch

Google Stadia controller will connect directly to the Stadia server using Wi-Fi to help with the problem of lag while gaming. This is an impressive feature for a cloud gaming service. However, those looking to connect their Bluetooth gaming headsets to the controller will be left a little disappointed. In a Reddit AMA, with Andrey Doronichev, Director of Product for Stadia at Google addressed a question regarding Bluetooth audio support. He said, “The Stadia Controller comes with a headphone jack for wired audio, but won’t support Bluetooth audio at launch in November. If you’re playing on the computer or a Pixel phone you can connect the BT headset to it directly and use it in Stadia.”

What this means is that those who purchased the Founder’s Edition of Google Stadia, which comes with a Chromecast Ultra for your TV, will not be able to connect a Bluetooth headset to the controller. The workaround is that users who will play games on their PC or Pixel devices will be able to connect their Bluetooth headset directly to the smartphone or PC for audio.

For Bluetooth connectivity, the Staida product page says, “Product contains Bluetooth Classic radio. No Bluetooth Classic functionality is enabled at this time. Bluetooth Classic functionality may be implemented at a later date.” This means that the controller does support Bluetooth but it is disabled at the moment. It will be enabled in the future.

Making a controller futureproof isn’t something new. When Sony launched the PS4, the controller that came with the console had a glowing light bar in the front that couldn’t be switched off. Consumers wondered what the functionality of this light bar was. It was much later when Sony unveiled the PSVR headset that it was understood that the controller could be tracked by the headset using the light bar.

Coming back to Stadia, the game streaming service will be launched in November in Belgium, Finland, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the USA. Sadly, India is not a part of the list and there is no information when the service will come to the country.

Coming to the pricing of the service, note that there will be two versions of the cloud gaming service that you can opt for – Stadia Base and Stadia Pro. Stadia Base is free while Stadia Pro is $9.99 per month. But remember, Stadia Base will be available in 2020 only. To get access to Stadia Pro, gamers will have to invest in the $129 Founders Edition bundle. The bundle includes a limited-edition Night Blue Stadia controller, a Chromecast Ultra, three-month subscription to Stadia Pro, and a buddy pass that you can give to a friend or family member (three months) and access to Destiny 2.―Digit

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