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Google, Samsung’s Health Connect might integrate into Android 14

At Google I/O 2022, Google revealed the Health Connect system, which it co-developed with Samsung. It is an Android API and platform that can collect health and fitness data from apps or devices, store it securely, and allow you to share that data with other apps or devices. Currently, Health Connect is available as an app on Android smartphones and Wear OS smartwatches. However, Google could make Health Connect an integral part of Android 14.

Recently, Google released Android 13 QPR2 Beta 1 for Pixel smartphones. Interestingly, the beta firmware comes pre-loaded with the Health Connect app. However, Health Connect might not be limited to just Pixel devices in the future. According to Mishaal Rahman, Senior Technical Editor at Esper, code changes submitted to AOSP Gerrit suggest that Health Connect will become an Android 14 system service. In other words, Google could make Health Connect a default app on Android 14.

But how will the integration of Health Connect into Android 14 benefit people? Well, if it becomes an integral part of the OS, more and more app developers will integrate the service into their apps. The higher the number of apps that have integration for Health Connect, the easier it becomes for people to share their health and fitness data across apps. It also means that you can easily switch between smartwatches of different brands without worrying about losing health and fitness data.

Currently, more than ten apps have Health Connect integration, including Google Fit, Samsung Health, Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, HealthilyMe, Oura, Flo, Lifesum, Outdooractive, and Proov. If you are using any of these services, you can share your health and fitness data between those apps very easily using Health Connect. Hopefully, when Google makes Health Connect an integral part of Android, popular brands like Xiaomi and Realme will also add support for Health Connect in their fitness apps. SAM Mobile

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