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Google Pixel 7 users complain of glass on rear camera cracking

Google has faced a rocky launch cycle with its Pixel 6 series of smartphones. The 2021 flagship lineup were riddled with bugs soon after launch and also faced various other issues. Now, users of the newer Pixel 7 series have also began complaining of a new problem and it appears to be a big problem.

In the past, we have reported on the Pixel 6 series suffering from an issue that made its under display fingergrint scanner slow or unreliable at times. Similarly, they were even issues with its WiFi network and more. Fortunately, the Pixel 7’s launch was a lot better, although it still had its fair share of hiccups. Owners of the Pixel 7 phones have now taken to Twitter and Reddit to show that their device’s rear camera module’s bar glass has began cracking.

According to one of the tweets stated that, “Not even a month, no drops just regular use. Have a case on the phone. Been told Its my problem. Is this really the quality control backed by google? It’s clearly a manufacturing defect, and I know I’m not the only one. Please fix this google!” In other words, it appears that the company’s units might have a defect considering the rear camera glass is shattering without any physical damage.

Similarly on Reddit, a user said that “I pulled my phone out of my pocket and the back camera glass was broken. I must have hit a corner while it was in my pocket. Has anyone else had this problem? I called around to the phone fixing stores and nobody has the replacement parts yet. Don’t really want to have to mail this phone in to have it fixed as it’s currently the only phone I have.” These aren’t far and few in between either since there were multiple reports that faced a similar issue. Google has yet to officially acknowledge this problem, so stick around for more updates. Gizmochina

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