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Google Cloud sees impressive growth in India, CEO Thomas Kurian

Google Cloud’s CEO Thomas Kurian spoke with CNBC-TV18, on Monday, about the company’s impressive growth and deep partnerships in India, offering insights into their thriving presence in the country.

Kurian said, “We have a great client base across almost every industry in India using Google Cloud.” This diverse clientele spans retail, manufacturing, financial institutions, telecommunications, education, and startups, all benefiting from Google Cloud’s versatile platform.

One key highlight is the expansion within Google Cloud’s existing customer base. Kurian noted, “We are also seeing growth in the existing customer base with more people taking on more projects and expanding investments.” Additionally, Google Cloud is making strides in emerging fields like artificial intelligence, where clients are experimenting with new tools and applications, further enhancing their capabilities.

Kurian highlighted the broadening of their client base due to advancements in cybersecurity, AI, and analytics, saying, “We are attracting a lot of new clients as well.”

In terms of partnerships, Kurian highlighted, “We have deep partnerships with Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel in telecommunications.” Financial institutions such as HDFC, ICICI, and the Federal Bank, along with fintech companies, also collaborate closely with Google Cloud. The healthcare sector is a focus area, with an upcoming announcement involving the Apollo Group of Hospitals. Leading retail players like Flipkart and Reliance are among Google Cloud’s clients.

Kurian added, “Across these industries, we’re serving some of the leading organisations in India, and we are also working with many startups.”

Globally, Google Cloud’s success is remarkable, As Kurian explained, “Globally our cloud business is now one of the top five enterprise software companies in the entire world.” This achievement is even more impressive considering it was accomplished in just four years, while most competitors have decades of experience.

India holds a special place in Google Cloud’s global strategy. Kurian noted, “India is by far our largest market in the Asia Pacific, and it’s growing also one of the fastest globally.” Google Cloud collaborates with local partners such as TCS, Infosys, HCL Tech, and Wipro, strengthening its position in India.

Kurian highlighted consistent global outperformance, stating, “Globally, we’ve outpaced the market for 16 quarters in a row, so for four years in a row, we have beaten the market globally.” India has played a significant role in this success, consistently surpassing the global growth rate by at least five points.

India has also become a hub for Google Cloud’s engineering excellence. Kurian shared, “It’s one of our largest locations globally, we have multiple engineering centres in India, we have three large ones, and we are opening a fourth.” Various engineering teams, including the knowledge and insights team and Google Search, have a strong presence in India, reflecting Google Cloud’s commitment to the country’s talent pool.

Looking ahead, Google Cloud is set to expand its footprint in India, with plans to open new locations and infrastructure. Kurian noted, “Given all of our investments in machine learning and artificial intelligence, you will see us continue to expand our footprint both in terms of the locations we are in but also potentially going to other locations.” CNBCTV18

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