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GigaPro u6he extends power of Calix Revenue EDGE platform

Calix, Inc. has launched the GigaPro™ u6he hardened outdoor Wi-Fi 6E system, the latest addition to the Calix portfolio of premises systems. The GigaPro u6he system—along with the GigaSpire BLAST® u6e and GigaSpire BLAST u6me—is part of the world’s most complete portfolio of carrier-class Wi-Fi 6E systems. The GigaPro u6he is a temperature-hardened Wi-Fi 6E system, designed to bring high-bandwidth services outdoors. It delivers blazing-fast speeds over an area more than twice the size covered by products currently offered by big box stores and consumer giants. Flexible design accommodates any outdoor site and allows for easy installation anywhere. Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality further simplifies installation and reduces OPEX associated with extending power lines. Additionally, like all Calix Revenue EDGE™ systems, the GigaPro u6he can be deployed in minutes thanks to pre-integration with the Revenue EDGE platform. The exponential growth of Wi-Fi 6E devices will continue, as will the demand to connect to those devices everywhere subscribers want to go. The GigaPro u6he positions broadband service providers (BSPs) to be first to market with innovative network design and technology that deliver an exceptional subscriber experience the consumer giants can’t compete with.

With the new GigaPro u6he, BSPs can:

  • Deliver outdoor Wi-Fi 6E in a hardened design that withstands extreme weather conditions—and lowers OPEX. The GigaPro u6he can operate in temperatures ranging from -40° F to 158° F, supports Ingress Protection (IP65) to prevent dust and water penetration, and features 2.5G LAN and WAN ports. Additionally, the unrivaled outdoor coverage of the GigaPro u6he—more than twice that of current consumer technology—allows for innovative network design that delivers unprecedented connectivity for mobile and remote 6E devices.
  • Deploy new systems in days instead of weeks or months, greatly reducing OPEX. The GigaPro u6he significantly reduces OPEX associated with the deployment and installation of new Wi-Fi systems thanks to pre-integration with the Revenue EDGE platform. In addition, using Power over Ethernet (PoE) eliminates the need for extensive and expensive laying of electrical lines, which can run into thousands of dollars per system for traditional outdoor Wi-Fi products. The tremendous reduction in OPEX creates opportunities to design networks that deliver an exceptional subscriber experience wherever subscribers go.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to address a variety of use cases thanks to seamless integration with the Revenue EDGE. The GigaPro u6he system enables the BSP to deliver outdoor Wi-Fi services to businesses and community organizations. The GigaPro u6he quickly and easily “snaps” into the Revenue EDGE platform, allowing seamless delivery of managed services to subscribers as they venture beyond their front door. With the combination of powerful performance and managed Wi-Fi services—all on a single platform—BSPs can differentiate from the competition while growing both revenue and community value.

“Nemont has a long history of providing innovative solutions to our customers and the communities we serve,” said Mike Kilgore, chief executive officer of Nemont Telephone Cooperative, which serves Montana and North Dakota. “We are excited about the new Calix GigaPro u6he because the hardened capabilities will allow us to deploy Wi-Fi in areas that were previously unfeasible, simply by adding this system for outdoor needs to our existing line up of systems from Calix. It simplifies the installation and service delivery processes and improves our ability to support our customers with Calix Support Cloud. Because the GigaPro u6he is tightly integrated with the Calix Revenue EDGE platform, we will also be able to easily add new value-added services on top of our world-class broadband connections.”

Calix Professional Services enables BSPs to take full advantage of the growing family of GigaPro u6he and GigaSpire BLAST systems. Specifically, Calix Deployment Enablement Services enables BSPs to drive consistent, repeatable, and high-quality execution of premises and access installations. The EDGE Enablement Workshop provides hands-on technical and platform training that accelerates team readiness to deploy and support the new solutions faster and with confidence.

“The Calix development team has invested more than seven years creating the Revenue EDGE platform—and the innovative Wi-Fi technology to optimize it,” said Shane Eleniak, senior vice president, products, at Calix. “The GigaPro u6he gives BSPs the solution to the challenge of advancing in their markets with the latest systems that subscribers demand, like outdoor, while averting the integration nightmare that consumes time, resources, and OPEX. Service providers can start delivering outdoor Wi-Fi over unheard-of distances, reaching subscribers wherever they go, in practically no time at all, with minimal OPEX. That’s the power of the Revenue EDGE platform. And with the GigaPro u6he, BSPs can harness that power to expand into new markets, deliver new managed services, and grow their value with on-the-go subscribers for generations to come.”

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