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Generative AI poised to disrupt white-collar jobs, not blue-collar ones

Generative AI is likely to become a much greater threat for white-collar roles, such as accounting and book-keeping, rather than blue-collar jobs, a report said on Monday.

Many administrative roles involve repetitive tasks such as scheduling appointments or answering and directing calls, which can easily be replicated by generative AI, according to global learning company Pearson’s Skills Outlook report — ‘Gen AI Proof Jobs’.

The report cited that in India around 30% or more time spent on some white-collar tasks every week can be performed by generative AI.

However, generative AI can do less than 1% of a blue collar workers’ job in a week, it said.

“As employees look to the future, understanding which jobs are at risk from AI allows them to prepare. They should also consider where new roles might be created by Gen AI,” Pearson Workforce Skills President Mike Howells said.

“Workers and employers should look at how they can ride this wave of change by using the best of AI and the best of human skills together,” he said.

Pearson’s Skills Outlook series looks at ‘Gen AI Proof Jobs’, based on an analysis of impact of generative AI on more than 5,000 jobs in five countries — Australia, Brazil, India, the US, and the UK.

As per the report, in India, the most impacted white-collar jobs are accounting and book-keeping clerks (46%), word processor and related operators (40%), administrative secretaries and related associate professionals (38%), stall and market salespersons (30%), and accountants (28%).

In the blue-collar job categories, weavers, knitters and related roles will be impacted 17%, basketry weavers, brush makers and related work by 17%, weaving and knitting machine operators by 16%, waiters and bartenders by 15% and bakers, pastry and confectionery makers by 15%, it added. PTI

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