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From Rubbish to Submarines: Five Unique Applications of IoT

Across the globe, organisations have been turning to the Internet of Things (IoT) to help them solve their productivity and connectivity problems. However, there are some IoT devices and deployments that are too good to be true.


Also known as the Internet of Trash, SmartTrash has created a solution that monitors and optimises compactor pickups.

It avoids “pack-outs” or unnecessary hauls, expensive transportation, saving its customers a minimum of 25% on their waste disposal and recycling expenditure. According to the company, the more SmartTrash learns the more “efficient, effective and profitable” it becomes. Its technology is used by the likes of Costco Wholesale, Macy’s, Unilever, Bloomingdales and Marriott, showing even the fashion world is conscious of its waste.


Dust normally gives us a hard time, but with the IoT, it comes with a new definition. Smart Dust is a computer smaller than a grain of sand, which can be sprayed or injected almost anywhere to measure chemicals in the soil or to diagnose problems in the human body.

Some also believe that Smart Dust can help attack early cancer or bring pain relief to a wound, as well as allow doctors to get inside the body without surgery. An MIT study showed recently that smart dust can be used to monitor airborne materials like bacteria, dust or smoke over a large area.


From the makers of the Smart Kettle, FridgeCam can be used to show which items are about to expire in your fridge. Aiming to reduce food waste by up to 50 per cent, the wireless camera can retrofit inside any refrigerator, allowing the user to see the contents from anywhere via the Smarter mobile application.

The device can be taught to “remember” fridge items as well as track best before dates. Linking up with smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa or IFTTT makes this device a necessity for those who always forget when they bought milk.


Another IoT application to help reduce food waste. tech start-up Ovie launched a line of food-storage products that tell users when the contents of the fridge are about to go “off”.

Using smart tags and colour coding to alert when an expiry date is approaching, smarterware can also link up with Amazon Alexa, meaning a user can speak the name of the food contained within the IoT-ware and match information in its database. Unfortunately, this product isn’t due for shipping until early 2019 but it more accessible than a smart fridge in terms of price point.


DeepFlight’s Super Falcon 3S submarine (see image) is designed for tourism, providing an unique experience of underwater flight. DeepFlight partners with resorts and water sports operators to offer guests exhilarating underwater excursions – think marine mammals and cruises over reefs.

Using arm’s Mbed OS v5.7, the submarine can automatically float back to the surface and enables constant communication between the vehicle and the surface. It also has smart capabilities in terms of safety, kicking in blow-up rafts or oxygen supply if the power shuts off at any point.-enterpriseiotinsights

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