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France Brevets, Qualcomm, EURECOM, IMT To Hold 5G Conference In Paris

France Brevets, EURECOM, IMT, and Qualcomm Incorporated announced they will hold a joint 5G Conference in Paris on March 26-27, 2019. The Conference will be a unique opportunity to gain insights into 5G technology, the current evolutions of 5G standards, and plans for 5G commercialization. Guests will hear industry & technology experts from Qualcomm, academic & research experts from IMT and EURECOM, and IP policy experts from France Brevets about the latest developments in 5G innovation.

The Conference follows a joint agreement signed between France Brevets, EURECOM, IMT, and Qualcomm Incorporated to research new technologies for future 5G standards. Under the terms of the agreement, Qualcomm will contribute funding and standards expertise to support wireless communications research by EURECOM and its partner organization IMT, while France Brevets will provide support in the area of intellectual property strategy.

“France Brevets is proud to help organize this conference with our world-class partners to showcase the exciting realm of 5G,” said Yann Dietrich, Senior Vice President Licensing and IP Counsel at France Brevets. “With experts from EURECOM, IMT, and Qualcomm offering invaluable insights into the technology, standards, and commercialization developments of 5G, we believe this event will be a must-see for the European tech community.”

“Qualcomm continues to lead the way in 5G research, development, and commercialization,” said Alex Rogers, executive vice president & president, Qualcomm Technology Licensing. “We are proud to organize and participate in this Conference with France Brevets, EURECOM, and IMT, and look forward to highlighting some of the most interesting aspects of this world-changing technology.”

“EURECOM is honored to participate in this Conference to share its views on the role of academic research institutes in 5G innovation alongside its partners, Qualcomm, France Brevets and IMT. The event represents a unique opportunity to connect with major industry players, SMEs, standards-setting organizations and governmental bodies from the European 5G landscape” said Raymond Knopp, Professor at EURECOM.

The 5G Conference will be held on March 26-27, 2019 in Paris (Telecom ParisTech), and is expected to be attended by researchers, OEMs, operators, policymakers, media, analysts, and others.―CT Bureau

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