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Fixed Broadband Speeds Rose In India, Mobile Download Speeds Remain Flat: Ookla

While mobile download speeds were relatively flat in India in the period of April-September 2019, fixed broadband download speeds fared much better,rising by 16.5 percent during the same period, reported Ookla, which is known for its Speedtest.

The report also showed that the cities of Chennai and Mumbai had the fastest mean fixed broadband and mobile download speeds respectively. In India, fixed broadband speeds topped 34.07 Mbps in September.

As per the report, ACT Fibernet topped the charts in the second and third quarter of 2019 with mean download speeds between 45.31 and 47.74 Mbps. Hathway was in second place with a top speed of 33.69 Mbps, although Airtel speeds rose to second place in September with a mean download speed of 34.43 Mbps.

Newcomer Jio, which announced the commercial availability of its JioFiber services in September, had what Ookla called “the most variability in speeds from a serious dip down to 17.52 Mbps in August to speeds reaching 41.99 Mbps in September.”

Regarding mobile download speeds, these fluctuated between 10.63 Mbps and 11.18 Mbps during the second and third quarter of 2019. Regionally, India’s mobile performance is only marginally faster than Bangladesh, which saw average speeds max out at 10.43 Mbps, and somewhat slower than Pakistan, which had top speeds of 15.55 Mbps.

In India, the 4G availability continues to improve with Jio leading the way with an impressive 99.1 percent 4G availability. Rival, Airtel was second in this category with 94.9 percent followed by Idea (87.5 percent) and Vodafone (85.2 percent).

Ookla’s report also looked at individual cities when it came to fastest download speeds over fixed broadband, with Chennai topping at 51.07 Mbps, followed by Bengaluru at 42.50 Mbps and Hyderabad at 41.68 Mbps. The slowest download speeds were measured in Nagpur (20.10 Mbps), followed by Pune (22.78 Mbps) and Kanpur (23.20 Mbps).

For mobile download speeds, there was less variation in cities in terms of speed. Mumbai was on top with 11.87 Mbps, followed by Indore at 11.80 Mbps, Visakhapatnam at 11.74 Mbps, Hyderabad at 11.48 and Kolkata at 11.46 Mbps. The slowest mean download speed on the list in Lucknow at 8.94 Mbps.

Ookla’s report also analyses network congestion and said it continues to affect mobile performance in India. While Airtel had some of the highest speeds in the non-busy hours, they also saw the sharpest drop (9.5%) in speeds during the busiest hours of the day.

Despite the drop, Airtel’s busy hour performance was still almost as fast as Jio’s performance in the non-busy hours of the day. Jio’s speeds were the slowest during those times, dropping down to 7.87 Mbps. Vodafone and Idea were almost as fast as Airtel, notes the report.―Indian Express

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