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Ericsson: The US will be First for 5G and will Hit 50% Coverage by 2023

The US could pip its rivals in Asia to the title of “first for 5G”, as it looks to rollout its first network offerings later this year, according to kit manufacturing giant, Ericsson.

Speaking exclusively to Total Telecom at the 5G World event in London this week, Peo Lehto, head of product line packet core and Frederik Engstromer, head of 5G marketing, said that they expected to see the US take the lead on 5G and then rapidly expand its coverage levels.

“I think we have already had the public announcements from operators in the US about them launching 5G there by the end of 2018 and we have no reason to doubt that. We are also seeing some aggressive plans happening in Eastern Asia,” said Lehto.

While the US is likely to rollout the first 5G networks, it will also boast some impressive stats for total coverage.

“We will start to see more happening in 2019 but then of course you have to ask when will we see the large uptake? As we said in our Mobility Report, we are going to see 1 billion 5G subscribers across the world by 2023. Also by that time we would expect to see roughly half of mobile users in North America being 5G enabled.

Despite the US’ impressive projections for 5G coverage, the vast majority of 5G users by 2023 will be based in Asia, as Engstromer explains.

“It’s worth considering that by 2023, we predict that 20 per cent of global mobile traffic will be over 5G networks. We are expecting an eight-fold increase in data consumption between now and 2023.

Ultimately by 2023, most of the total volume of 5G users will be in Asia, just purely as a result of the population sizes of those Asian nations,” he added.- Total Telecom

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