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Embrace new technologies and be ready for another disruption

Over the years, telecommunications has evolved beyond the realm of human–human communication and now includes human–machine and machine–machine connectivity. This is a huge leap forward toward infinite connectivity and places immense pressure on networks in terms of capacity and robustness. With upcoming technologies such as 4G LTE, 5G, IoT, and NB-IoT, it is now imperative for the telecoms want to get back on the front row. Thus outreach with the help of pertinent platforms can ensure not only manifold soaring sales but also increased retainer ships. Marketing is becoming increasingly complex, so it is practical for marketers to keep their eyes on emerging technologies, methods, and patterns to know the right technology mix for their product/service, which not only reaches the funneled audience but gives a good RoI as well. Below are marketing trends that are making waves for the global audiences and paving the way for unfathomable technologically advanced life:

Producing exclusive entertainment content. Soon a telco could own the companies that produce entertaining content, majorly like popular TV shows, live sports games, and the like solely for being the brand with x-factor. Telecommunication companies are heavily focused on investments in high-quality broadcasting content, yet this trend comes with a cost.

B2B augmented reality apps. It is about revolutionizing the way people engage with technology that simplifies their work and saves time. Simple instance could be engineer being able to find a broken FO link within a bunch of cables by simply holding up a smartphone and opening a specific application. This will significantly decrease the time required to perform troubleshooting, finding problems and fixing them. The end customer will be satisfied and the whole process will be more efficient.

Virtual reality. Telecoms are also using virtual reality (VR) technologies to reinforce their customer experience. VR-powered platforms assist them in providing unique entertainment experiences and help them differentiate their products and services with new platform for demonstration. This is a rather interactive way of presenting a new premium smart phone device or releasing a new game app.

AI continues to grow. AI not only can monitor consumers’ online patterns but can simultaneously help understand their behavior in real time, However, discussing and assuring security from hacks, leaks and theft, audiences will surely favor establishments that can promise them the safest business experience.

Voice and video search is getting louder. 2019 is the year to get ahead of the game. Not only does voice searching make it easier to find information online without pulling out a device; people love it because it reduces their screen time.

Vertical video is on the rise. YouTube is definitely the largest search engine after its counterpart Google. Now Integra platform has launched IGTV, which cater to longer content, thus one can now publish animated videos, demos, interviews, case studies, 360-degree virtual reality, live streams, and more. Social media strategy should on mandate have vertical-form IGTV videos in mind.

Micro influencers. This is a fresh social media outreach strategy being adopted. Organizations have now shifted from celebrity marketing to partnering with real people (micro-influencers) because their customers relate to them and adjust your influencer marketing strategy according to who your audience is most likely to respond to.


Finally, it is about good alignment, strategic planning, and agility. Trends come and go every day but it would be best for telecoms to embrace new technologies and always be ready for yet another disruption adoption. With increasingly complex technologies and networks demanding intelligent network engineering expertise and round the clock maintenance, this is precisely the space where O2F has built its forte. Created in 2006, this New Delhi headquartered company, in a short span of 12 years, has emerged as a leading player with its 1000+ strong people team, catering to the entire ecosystem of telecom operators and OEMs, offering reliable, efficient, and cost-effective telecom network engineering services.

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