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Deutsche Telekom gets involved in 6G research initiative

Communication systems are the central nervous system of a digital economy and society. In order to be able to shape the digital future, it is of crucial importance for the location Germany to be able to act technologically sovereign. An important prerequisite for digital and technological sovereignty is to define and appropriately implement the complex standardization and security requirements for core components and critical systems in future communication networks. The discussions about the construction of the 5G network have illustrated the high relevance of the key technologies in the field of mobile communications. In order to act sovereignly, it is important that Germany and Europe play a key role in shaping technology development and not just use technology. When shaping the technological foundations of 6G, it is crucial that Germany plays a strong role in order to be at the forefront of the international research that is already underway. It is particularly important to strengthen the networking and cooperation of all relevant actors.

It is the aim of the partners in the Open6GHub to make contributions to a global 6G harmonization process and 6G standard in a European context. The focus is on German interests in terms of social priorities and common European values. The researchers focus on application scenarios in smart cities, the networked factory, in rural areas and in agriculture. Within the project, several technical-scientific goals are pursued for implementation. This includes, for example, the resilience and reliability of 6G as the backbone of a highly networked society, as well as exploiting the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize networks for reasons of sustainability, energy efficiency and resource conservation. In addition, there are new higher frequency ranges are the focus of research, as well as the use of network-side context information for sensing and localization services and “integrated 3D networking” – for example through satellites for greater 6G coverage. In addition, the network partners are dealing with networks without a fixed infrastructure and options for the use of infrastructure by several network operators in order to increase profitability.

The Open6GHub project works with a comprehensive approach. Innovative wireless and fiber optic-based communication technologies are combined – always with a focus on the highest network security standards and the targeted use of software-based solutions and AI. The aim is to meet the application requirements of a post-2030 society. The project thus supports innovations in the digitized social life of the future and makes a significant contribution to strengthening the competitiveness of companies and technological sovereignty as well as the position of Germany and Europe in the international competition for 6G. Forschungsprogramm Kommunikationssysteme

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