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Dell reinvents endpoint security portfolio through strategic collaborations with Secureworks and CrowdStrike

Cybercriminals are continuously shifting their attack techniques to better target endpoints. As more than one-third (39 percent) of cyber-attacks are now non-malware based, adversaries can exploit gaps in traditional antimalware solutions used in isolation. Considering 50 percent of organizations also have an insufficient endpoint or network visibility during incident response engagements, it is clear many businesses are injecting ineffective security tools into their environments, ultimately adding complexity without directly addressing the problem. These disconnected solutions require ongoing diligence and expert resources to analyze a multitude of security alerts and identify compromised devices. Yet, with the growing cybersecurity skills gap, businesses do not have the resources needed to manage their security infrastructure effectively.

To help organizations address these challenges, Dell has introduced Dell SafeGuard and Response, a portfolio of next-generation endpoint security solutions that combine the managed security, incident response expertise, and threat behavioral analytics of Secureworks with the unified endpoint protection platform from CrowdStrike. Dell’s modern and effective approach designed to prevent, detect, and respond to the shifting threat landscape makes it easy for organizations to protect their data with the industry’s most secure commercial PCs.

With AI-driven and cloud-native endpoint protection powered by CrowdStrike and expert threat intelligence and response management by Secureworks, Dell SafeGuard and Response provides customers with the essential capabilities they need to protect their PCs and data. CrowdStrike endpoint security solutions prevent more than 99 percent of malware and non-malware-based threats, detect 100 percent of vulnerabilities, and respond to sophisticated attacks rapidly.

Secureworks RedCloak behavioral analytics are built into the prevention, detection and response capabilities, so customers benefit from an ever-smarter network effect of protection. When an emerging threat is discovered in one environment, countermeasures are created and deployed to all customers who may be affected.

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