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Dell Mobile Connect Phone Bridge No Longer Requires A Dell PC

There seems to be a resurgent interest in tools that bridge PCs and phones together, almost making them work seamlessly with one another. But even before Microsoft made “Your Phone” an official part of Windows 10, Dell released something earlier this year simply called the Dell Mobile Connect. The name implies that it would only work with Dell computers, which was true at launch. Now it seems Dell has decided it would help to spread its brand further by making it available for all computers as long as they support a Bluetooth connection.

The idea behind Dell Mobile Connect is really simple. With the Windows 10 app installed on the PC and mobile app installed on an Android or iOS device, the Bluetooth link would let users access their phone from their computer. That ranges from taking calls, receiving notifications, all the way to mirroring their smartphone’s entire screen.

Tools like this have been around before, ranging from OEM exclusives like Samsung’s SideSync/Flow to third-party solutions like AirDroid for Android phones. The problem with these solutions is their limited compatibility. Microsoft’s Your Phone, on the other hand, is still limited in functionality, at least for now.

With the changed spotted by Windows Blog Italia, Dell Mobile Connect is now one of the rare few that now supports as many platforms and brands as possible. That said, it doesn’t guarantee it would work for everyone, especially not for all Android phones. And while its use Bluetooth makes the setup easier in cases were Wi-Fi or even Wi-Fi tethering isn’t available, it could mean that the connection between PC and smartphone can be a bit flaky at times. – Slash Gear


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