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Dell EMC Releases Software For Protection Against Cyber Attacks

Data centre solutions provider Dell EMC has announced the release of software that can provide an automated means for isolating and recovering critical data that has been put under threat by ransomware or other destructive cyber attacks.

Cyber Recovery would provide “a last line of data protection defence”, the company said in a statement, adding that the new software included “innovative automation, workflow and security analytics tools to ensure gold copies of critical data are isolated yet available”.

The new software integrates with Dell EMC Data Domain that protects storage hardware and combines data isolation and business continuity to minimise the impact of a cyber attack. It also allows for a faster and greater chance of success in recovering critical data and systems.

“Malicious insiders and sophisticated cyber attackers, especially those who employ ransomware, are known to deliberately target data protection and back-up infrastructure,” said Beth Phalen, president, Data Protection, Dell EMC.

We take a layered approach to data protection within the portfolio and with our Dell EMC Cyber Recovery software and Services, helping ensure true data isolation and a last line of data protection defence for business-critical data from a variety cyber threats.” 

Apart from the software, Dell EMC said it also offered Cyber Recovery Services which would provide solutions tailored to the needs of individual customers.

Bob Bender, chief technology officer of Founders Federal Credit Union, a company that uses the software, said: “Financial institutions are among the most targeted organisations for cyber attacks and our responsibility is to ensure the highest levels of security for our members and the financial assets they entrust us with.

All it takes is for one successful intrusion or ransomware attack to seriously disrupt any business and if the bad guys are smart enough to know where your back-ups are, you’re left with no protection.

“Dell EMC Cyber Recovery helps my team isolate all of our critical data off-network, giving us confidence in our business resilience in the event of a worst-case cyber attack scenario.” – IT Wire


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