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Data hub optimizes cross-border logistics in Europe

The EU is developing a new common data platform for logistics within the FENIX project. The project partners use Deutsche Telekom’s Data Intelligence Hub for this. The new “data network” links all logistics partners within the EU and connects supply chains, flows of goods and modes of transport, minimizing bottlenecks in the logistical supply of EU Member States. The common platform simplifies the exchange of information across European borders while protecting the environment.

The European FEderated Network of Information eXchange in Logistics (FENIX) is a European funded project. It links certain pilot regions and transport corridors and, for this purpose, relies on the process know-how of T-Systems. The Telekom subsidiary was already involved in the predecessor project AOELIX, which developed the framework for a “digital ecosystem” and a Europe-wide platform for the exchange of information. An important component of FENIX is the “Telekom Data Intelligence Hub”, which enables secure, encrypted and direct data exchange across national borders. As a neutral hub for data, it brings together the various logistics IT systems on a common platform. By harmonizing transport, FENIX increases freight capacities. At the same time, the position of the EU market compared to other markets is strengthened. By establishing container based carbon footprint services for logistics stakeholders, FENIX will give strategic advice to freight operators how to reduce fuel and greenhouse gas emissions in the most efficient way by using trip based data sets.

Telekom Data Intelligence Hub meets technical and political requirements
As in a virtual marketplace, logistics companies provide information from their own systems to others via the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub. Standards and connectors ensure the necessary interoperability. Data traffic is handled directly and exclusively between data-providing companies and their partners in end-to-end encryption. External or central data storage is not required for this. Companies retain full control over their data and can control at any time to whom, which kind and to what extent data is passed on. The Telekom Data Intelligence Hub was developed in close cooperation with the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA).

“Estimated Time of Arrival, ETA, is the most important information in logistics. It influences all processes, prices, the attractiveness of companies and entire markets. Freight documents must be accessible to all parties at a central location. At the same time, in order to protect sensitive data and the company’s own business models, they may only be released to certain partners in a controlled manner. The Telekom Data Intelligence Hub is a critical success factor for this,” explains Adel Al-Saleh, CEO of T-Systems. Until the end of March 2022, T-Systems will implement and test the intended scenarios with the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub in the FENIX project.

Real-world services for the supply chain
FENIX facilitates the planning and operation of supply chains in selected European transport corridors. Thanks to this European funding program, all partners involved can cooperate more closely across borders, better control transport routes and adapt them dynamically, also thanks to cloud technology and plug-and-play solutions that will in particular help the industry. Seaports and airports, manufacturing companies and logistics providers gain transparency through real-time information and enter or request the calculated arrival times of freight via standardized interfaces. Logistics companies can integrate their own systems and get access to software and tools from the cloud. FENIX thus enables freight transport with several modes of transport within the framework of EU directives. The project aims not only to provide crucial arrival times, but also and above all to digitize customs systems and monitor CO2 emissions.
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